Kit Out Your Dream House

I have just about given up on ever getting my dream house done. Problems with suppliers, carpenters, money and ideas have pretty much left me thinking that as long as rainwater doesn’t get in and the walls don’t look like crumbling down at any point then it will do me fine.

However, if I ever got the chance to really get my dream property sorted out then it would like a bit different. First off I’ll have some bamboo flooring please. Where I live there is a staggeringly small selection of floor coverings and I am sure I would have the only house here with bamboo on the floor and that has got to be a good thing.

I also desperately need some landscaping ideas. I got the builder to give me a driveway the other week but none of us really had any idea how to make the area nice so it is just a bit of flat ground with concrete in the middle. I think some plants and maybe a small rockery would be nice but I have no idea how to go about it. I would really like a Zen garden theme but if I had asked the builder to do that I reckon he would have fainted.

This is a minor point but I have just remembered that I really need to paint my balcony railings. I did a fun house painting job over the weekend but it is taking me ages to get it all done. There are some parts of the property which only Spiderman could erach and I really don’t know how on earth I am going to get to them. Anyway, the balcony is going to have to wait a few months yet.

Arrgh, I just remembered another job which needs done. Here there is a 6 month dry season so everyone uses water tanks to store the colourless, odourless liquid in. The problem is that mine is lower than the shower (long story) and for about a year I have meaning to get a pump fitted. If you know any good plumbers then let me know. If he can fit out my Zen garden as well then I’ll definitely hire him.

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