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Metapixel Howtos and Examples

Hi all again,

manny pacquiao metapixel mosaicthis will be a bit different list today, something for your free time with your photo collection. Lately I’ve been experimenting with Metapixel tool – a photo mosaic generator for Linux, so let me share with you my collection of the better sources and examples on this tool.

  1. Original author’s examples: Mark Probst provides a simple example of a mosaic created by his tool. Don’t expect much howtos and explanations on his site, this is simple static site created for a single purpose – distributing Metapixel source files.
  2. Video Tutorial of Metapixel: A guy called ‘gotbletu’ posted quite a nice instructional video of Metapixel in action. It doesn’t go to too much detail, but covers the basic operations in less then 7 minutes of running time.
  3. Tutorial at Fsckin: This is one of my favorite tutorials on the subject. It’s more then 3 years old, but looks like it has been updated in the mean time. A good and concise explanation of Metapixel flags, plus some nice and funny examples (see the Jedi supper ).
  4. Tutorial at PCworld: A very similar kind of tutorial as the one at Fsckin, digging into some advanced flags (eg –collage ). Surprisingly they use even the same example of Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, what a coincidence :)
  5. Jonathan’s short memo on Metapixel: 2 paragraphs and 2 examples. That’s all you need! It’s a subset of the other articles, but has some data on computational resources ‘eaten’ by Metapixel.
  6. Mad Mum’s take on Metapixel magic: A lot of example code here with an original selection of pictures. I wonder if that’s Mad Mum herself…
  7. Filipino symbols pixelized: Mostly example mosaics here. National symbols of Philippines and the unbeatable boxer Manny Pacquiao (afaik a big filipino hero).
  8. Big Ben in pixels: Quite a recent post featuring examples of Big Ben and others. Mentions a lot of related programs and gives additional value in a number of ‘Best Practices’ suggestions.
  9. Splashology: The last pick is comparing Metapixel to other tools and other platforms, so if you’re stuck with Windows OS, have a look here.

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