More Things I Didn’t Know

Having exposed my ignorance to an unbelieving world not long ago I feel that it is time to tell everyone about more thingsĀ  I have only recently become aware of.

How many different pergola designs there are. I know what a pergola is but what I never before realised that there are so many ways of creating one. This left me strangely exhilarated as I would quite like a pergola in my garden. I just need to work out where to put it now.

That vacuum cleaner reviews can be interesting. I had to do some research on these lately and found myself getting quite caught up in them. Ok, so they weren’t so exciting that I caught myself thinking, “oh look. it’s midnight and my breakfast has gone cold while I have been reading about the latest Dyson technology”. However, it was a better read than I had thought and a darn sight more interesting than that Charles Dickens nonsense I have been trying to finish for several months.

That loft conversions are cool. I need to qualify that point actually. Technically I had a loft construction carried out instead of a loft conversion. Anyway, the end result is the same and I get a great place to view the nieghbourhood from ahigh. It seems like a great place to throw a party or to write some poetry so I might give one or both those things a try. Hey, do you fancy going to a poetry party in my loft?

That balcony railings are rather dull. Compared to my cool loft the balcony is a bit naff. There is no way I could hold a poetry party out there, although I guess the overspill from the loft might want to head down there for some fresh air after my rambling readings of Wordsworth and Romboud have sent everyone running for cover.

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