This list contains the top deals I've found for Open Web Joist. We have also written about Open Your Ears, King Of Floors and Steel Detailer.
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Open Web Joist

  1. Open web joist form standard structures: ‘Standard structures’ provides open web joist for building roof and floor. They have experts who can provide you with all the expertise you will need to have for a open web joist. (
  2. Information on open web joist: Open-web joist , or parallel flat chord trusses, represent the predominate type of floor truss used in homes. They typically consist of a wood top and bottom chord, usually 2×4 materials, and wood web materials connected at joints with metal plates. Usually very few manufacturers use steel webs. (
  3. History of open web joist: According to a brief history of open-web joists published by the SJI, the first Warren-type, open-web truss/ joist was manufactured in 1923, using continuous round bars for the top and bottom chords, with a continuous bent round bar used for the web members.  (
  4. Online Pdf directory on open web joist: Do you need some samples before you start your own open web joist? Irrespective of whether you want to build a floor or roof you can find all the documents you need in portable document format. (
  5. Hopleys open steel joists: Hopleys Open Web Steel Joists are a range of lightweight, fully steel joists which can be used in a variety of applications including sub-floors, first floors, roofs, sheds, lean-to’s, carports and more. Made from galvanized high strength steel, they have good corrosion protection, won’t shrink, warp or twist and come complete with pre-punched, fully engineered brackets to make installation easy from the installation professional to the home handyman. (
  6. Open Web Steel Joists Video: Do you need to learn about open steel joists ? There are tons of books online to give you some ideas about open steel joists but a video demo can be really helpful for you to learn all about open steel joists. (
  7. Open steel joists from Canam: Canam has been producing open-web steel joists for over 40 years. These are custom-built structural elements that support the floors and roofs of a building. The use of a steel joist and steel deck system in floor and roof construction is a proven effective solution that brings substantial savings.  (
  8. Open web joist from universal forest products: Open web Joist’s superior strength and load-carrying capabilities make it ideal for longer joist spans or wider joist spacing. Long-span capabilities can eliminate the need for intermediate bearings and thus reduce framing costs. (
  9. Structural wood corporation provides open web joists: Structural Wood Corporation provides Open Web Joists for situations where open web design offers the greatest flexibility or creative solutions. Open Web Joists allows the mechanical systems to be installed through the floor framing for increased ceiling height and with no awkward framing hanging beneath the ceiling.  (
  10. Variety of open web joists: This place has a great collections of open web joists. They have great display of the samples of open web joists. You can browse them and see if they can fulfill your demand. (

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