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Outdoor Flea Markets

Outdoor flea markets are those in the field or under tents that sell or barter inexpensive goods.  Food vendors who sell snacks and drinks to the patrons abound in these markets. The flea market is the arena and the vendors are the show that attracts the crowds that gather for the sole purpose of buying unlike street vending which relies heavily on impulse buying. Flea market vending is also set in a controlled area that is governed by a self-imposed code of conduct. The best thing about flea markets is the opportunity to haggle or bargain with the vendors. Flea markets are like treasure hunts, rich with excitement, intrigue, and maybe a little bit of mystery.

  1. Rice’s Sale and Country Market – Market goods being sold by almost 700 vendors who come every Tuesday and Saturday, you can have a wide variety of goods to choose from in this 30 acre outdoor market situated. The site provides a vendor directory to find the goods desired. You can also check out from the site listing of holiday openings. Details for discount coupons can be accessed from the site. If your purpose is to find rental information the site provides a section for it. (
  2. OLX – Picking up momentum due to the influx of new vendors and customers as well, you can also find food vendors selling affordable but palatable foods. Opening on Saturdays and Sundays, their site gives you information if you want to rent out a space to sell and barter your goods, but like in any other flea markets, the possibility of rainy days affecting the business can’t be ruled out. (
  3. Antrim Flea Market – On Sundays, all roads lead to Antrim Flea Markets for all those bargains you most wanted to shop. With free parking you are in for a hassle-free shopping. Check the site for information on the kind of goods available for sale. Direction to the place is also provided by the site for you to be able to go your way. This is practically the valley’s largest shopping opportunity with over a hundred of vendors with different essential goods to your liking. (
  4. Daytona Flea & Farmers Market – With hundreds of booth to visit to look for goods, the site provides a section for the location of some featured vendor booths. The site guarantees free admission, free parking and most of all free fun in the area. Voted as one of the top among the best flea markets in the world, Daytona Flea Market in Florida is always good news to market goers. (
  5. Austin Country – The oldest, their site boasts of superiority where its design is concerned. The bold colored site is customer enticing. Numerous new and used items are detailed by the site for easy search by customers through its beautiful photo album. Schedule of entertainment provided by featured bands can be found in the site. Browsing the site is just as important as being at the area itself. At the area, walkways are covered and paved for the benefit of the buyers, come rain or shine. (
  6. The San Jose Flea Market – A weekend at the San Jose Flea Market can lighten your mood. With their site providing ease in finding the desired goods before your actual coming to the market area, you can say it’s all fun as you get satisfaction in your marketing experience. Wanting a space to rent out to sell your goods is at finger tips by just clicking their contact information found in their site for that much needed information. (
  7. HKFM – If you are a top-notch haggler who still delights at fine old things,  memorabilia and original art and antique, HKFM in New York area is for you. Their site has it all for easy reference. The site tells you where to find the fantastic gourmet goodness, tempting turquoise jewelry, and endless antiques. This is where you can find people’s old belongings given new life. Check the site as you might be lucky enough to avail of free lunch distributed by one of its sponsors. Certainly newer, this is listed by National Geographic as a great place to be because of its interesting City views, neighborhood family-owned spice and food produce and proximity to the Times Square. (
  8. Brampton Town Flea Market – One great thing about this market is that the vendors offer the best deals on quality, name brand products including electronics, jewelry, clothing, gifts, and more. Get a view of their site for all the information you need such as the exact location, rental space and where to get that sumptuous meal with your friends and family. Free parking added that extra convenience in that one- stop shopping place. (
  9. Dr. Flea’s Flea Market– Their appealing site reveals the many reasons why they come to celebrate their 11th year of existence. You’ve got to see the incredible deals on more than 1000 products and services. For free coupons check out the site. (
  10. Attias Flea Market – The “Home” section of the site has all pictures and numbers creatively done for enjoyable scrutiny of pertinent information. Just a click and you will find the “Specials” and/or discounts. With location information provided by the site you will not be lost looking for particular products and services. (
  11. The Barnyard Flea Markets – The site got limited information, still has to be improved in terms of the description of each market, what it offers and what sets it apart from all the rest. For would-be vendors it would be nice to include what makes a particular place a great location and what are the chances for great profits. (

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