This list contains the top deals I've found for Overhead Doors. We have also written about Industrial Roll up Doors, Milgard Doors and Pella Doors.
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Overhead Doors

Overhead doors – as you might have guessed – have a clever mechanism that rolls the sections of the door into an overhead compartment. It saved a lot of space in my garage! Here are some of the better offers available:

  1. Overhead Doors: If you want a genuine overhead doors, why not to buy from a company that is called Overhead Door Corporation? They are based in Lewisville, Texas, but have distributors across the US, Canada and Mexico. Be prepared that their doors bear fancy names, such as FireKing, Destiny or Odyssey. Overhead Doors is a major manufacturer and definitely a good place to start if you want a standard and proven solution. (
  2. Overhead Doors Maintenance practice (pdf): One aspect you might consider against overhead (or rolling) doors is a higher burden of maintenance compared to the traditional door systems. I would recommend browsing through this checklist to understand the basic maintenance practice for overhead doors. (
  3. Noise control for overhead doors: Most steel and aluminum doors have poor noise insulation characteristics. If you need noise protection for your door, be prepared for additional $2000 – $3000 cost. (
  4. C.H.I. Overhead Doors: C.H.I. Overhead Doors offers both residential and commercial doors solutions. They profile themselves with quality and reliability. C.H.I run a special series (Windbreaker) for exposed outdoor conditions. Their range seems narrower, but will absolutely cover the typical deployments. (
  5. Raynor: Raynor has a good network of dealers all over the US and Canada. They will really satisfy your needs, when it comes to design, shapes and colors of the products. So if you’re looking for a specific color shade, I would recommend to start searching from here. I was quite impressed with the range of wooden garage doors in their brochure. As most home owners today go for lightweight and maintenance easy aluminum and steel doors, it’s unusual to see a good range of wooden doors like this. (
  6. Raynor Rolling Doors reviewed by the Architect magazine: To get a bit of unbiased information about rolling doors and grilles from Raynor, head over to this issue of the Architect magazine. (
  7. Vortex: Vortex Doors is a real commercial doors specialist. Their focus is clearly on heavy duty commercial deployments. I would expect to see Vortex in airport hangars, shopping centre storehouses or commercial garages. They offer 24/7 emergency service for door repair and replacement. (
  8. Overhead Doors Canada: The Canadian branch of Overhead Door company. I wasn’t lucky, but from time to time they offer coupons on this site (just click ‘coupons’ in the main menu). Overhead Door company is a big distributor with strong presence online, so if you need a quick quote for your door system, an offer from Overhead Doors company will give you a good baseline. (
  9. OHDKC: The Kansas branch of the Original Overhead Door. Good instructional videos on site and they are a member of the Home Builders Association. But frankly, the range of services cannot compete with Raynor or Vortex. (
  10. Safety of the rolling doors: The last one in our list is a reminder. As you can see in this training video, there are ways of getting past this type of a door. So always consider how safe you need the place to be. (

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