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Passenger Van

  1. Passenger Van Rental by Avis: If your planning to have a Family outing or Office activity, This 12-seater Van is good for you. Having a passenger van for the vacation is like have a picnic on the road. Avis rental will make it easier for you with convenient locations.  Also view their other Rental Cars here. (
  2. 2011 Chevy Express: Check out Chevrolet’s 2011 Chevy Express. This is perfect as a Commercial and Passenger van. You can handle almost any job with the right tools, and Chevrolet Commercial Vans are those tools. With their strength and dependability needed to finish the job, work will be easy to do and finish. find out more here. (
  3. 2011 GMC Savana Passenger Van: View the Model Overview here by GMC. Explore the 2011 GMC Savana Passenger Van’s photos, features, and accessories here. (
  4. Van Car Rental: If your planning for a Long Road trip anywhere, Your journey begins with this 12–passenger van for rental by Their Vans are easy handling and spacious, and this passenger van is comfortable enough even for long trips or simply for shuttling passengers between destinations. (
  5. 2011 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van at Yahoo! Autos: Buy this latest passenger van by Chevrolet here at Yahoo! Autos. Also check out their list of Chevy Express so you can compare them. (
  6. 15 Passenger Van Safety: A consumer advisory on what to consider when travelling with Passenger Vans. Read their Top Safety Tips for 15-Passenger Vans here and learn more about 15-passenger Vans here like using their Fact Sheet, Safety Tips and more. (
  7. 2011 Ford E-Series: The America’s Favorite Full-Size Van by Ford. Read its Highlights here, the Specifications, colors, safety, and a lot more. View all their E-Series here. (
  8. 2010 Best Passenger Vans at US News’ Best Cars: Read US News’ ranking of the Best Passenger Vans for the year 2010. View the van’s prices, specs, descriptions, and store availability. View also their unranked list of these Passenger Vans here. (

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  1. GO Van Rentals wrote:

    Touring Vans and 12 to 15 Passenger van rentals – splitter van rentals and group travel vans in New York City Area.

    You should try the new WHITE SHEET safety pdf for 15 Passenger Van Driving

    Posted 04 Aug 2011 at 7:48 pm
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