This list contains the top deals I've found for Seed Distributors. We have also written about Food Distributors, RC Cars Distributors and Frozen Meat Distributors.
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Seed Distributors

  1. Applewood Seed Co.: Appleseed Company provides wholesale wildflower seed, garden flower seed, native grass seed, or herb seed. In this site, you’ll find single species and seed mixture descriptions which will aid you in the right seed selection for your specific needs. (
  2. Ball Holticultural Company: Focused completely on the ornamental business that first made its reputation, Ball’s global family of breeders, seed and vegetative producers, distribution companies, and research and development teams has a strong presence in over 20 countries on six continents. (
  3. Emerald Seed Company: Emerald Seed Company is strictly a wholesale vegetable seed breeder and manufacturer. They offer seeds of proven open pollinated and hybrid varieties, both proprietary and public selections. For information on how to contact an Emerald Seed distributor near your place, you can e-mail them. (
  4. Handy Pantry Sprouting: Check out their wide selection of organic sprouting seed, sprouting kits, sprouting seed assortments, supplements, and more. (
  5. Johnny’s Selected Seeds: Their products include vegetable seeds, medicinal and culinary herb seeds, flower seeds, cover crops, farm seed, and pasture mixes, fruit plants and seeds, and high quality, problem-solving tools and supplies. They ship throughout the United States as well as internationally. They also carry sizes ranging from small to large to go with the needs of home gardeners and small growers as well as retailers and wholesalers. (
  6. Pennington Seed: Pennington Seed, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of lawn, garden and turf care products in the world. While seed is the main passion, Pennington also has expertise in a variety of product areas. They provide Lawn seed, fertilizers, vegetable and forage seeds, soil amendments, and more. (
  7. Pure Line Seeds, Inc.: Pure Line Seeds specializes in quality green pea and snap bean seeds. They do not sell directly to fresh market growers and home gardeners, many of their products are available from a network of distributors. Check out their “Find a Distributor” link that will assist you in locating a Pure Line Seeds distributor in your area. (
  8. Smith Seed Services: Smith Seed Services provide grass seed for turf and forage, as well as many legume, cover crop, and wildlife seeds. Whether it’s a wholesale distribution, packaging, production, coating, or shipping of grass seed, Smith Seed Services will provide you with great service at a reasonable price. (
  9. Syngenta Horticultural Services:, from Syngenta Horticultural Services, offers easy access detailed descriptions and variety pictures of their seed products. You can also download growing instructions, and they are open for business 24/7. (
  10. VIS Seed Company, Inc.: VIS Seed Company represents and is a distributor for most of the major flower seed breeders and producers worldwide which include Global, Floranova, Tezier, Farmen and others.  (

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