Summer Time and the Weather is Hot

It’s not actually summer yet but today was a scorcher and it looks like winter is behind us. As I live in the Southern Hemisphere I will be heading into spring in a few weeks and it might be time to check out what useful products could help me keep cool.

What about some Menards patio furniture. Actually, I couldn’t do anything with this stuff at the moment as my patio is a complete disaster. There are builders working on my roof and they throw anything they don’t need onto the grass. Are builders like this the whole world over? I used to work in a bank and you didn’t find me throwing used withdrawal slips or bits of paper onto the floor all of the time so why do they do it?

One of the side effects of the builders working outside all day is that my dog doesn’t want to go out any more. Maybe I could get him one of these dog strollers. Are these like baby strollers / prams  but for dogs?  Bit of a silly question really, as I guess they are. I could take him out walks this way and keep him happy but would he maybe get too lazy and give up walking altogether? I don’t really want a feckless pooch on my hands during a hot summer.

As I grew up in Scotland I lived in the home of golf, whisky and strange dances. I haven’t forgotten how to dance the Gay Gordon but I have never liked whisky. Now I live somewhere where golf isn’t at all popular but recently they built the city’s first course. Now I need to take advantage of the warm weather by buying a golf shirt, dusting down my niblick and showing the locals that we still rule the world in some sports.

Is there anything better than putting your old wool sock into summer storage or the fire and slapping on a pair of sandals? My ones from last year are ruined now so I will need to buy something like these Teva flip flops. I love the feel of the warm sun on my feet and I don’t know how I lived all those years of big socks and chunky boots. Having said that, my legs still haven’t realised that I now live in a tropical country. They remain steadfastly white and even when I expose them briefly to the sun they make no attempt to gain a tan.

Finally, I badly need some BBQ recipes. I am not a big meat fan but as I never had a BBQ in my youth (no, don’t cry for me) I have no experience of what to do or what to cook.  Could I make fish or vegetables on it for example? Maybe I could start a new craze by having barbequed peas or brocolli.

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