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Textile Wholesaler Retailer Store

Textile wholesaler and retailer stores play a vital role in the textile industry. If you are a retailer searching for wholesalers who sell textile in bulk, you may find them here. If you are a general customer who wants to find retailers where you can buy individual textile product items in small quantities, you may also find them in the listing below.

  1. Toronto Fashion Incubator – If you are an aspiring designer from Canada seeking for fabric sources near you, you may find the catalog in this webpage helpful. You will find here the address, contact numbers, websites and e-mail addresses if any, of textile wholesalers and retailers. Majority of the entries have included vital information such as the minimum length of fabric that can be bought, types of products, as well as price ranges. Knowing this information prior to visiting the store is extremely beneficial especially if you are under a budget. (
  2. Wholesale Discount Fabric – This website features a huge database of sources for fabrics for various uses. You can search according to US state, and you may just find the retailer and wholesale distributor nearest your location. Each database listing has the address of the store, phone numbers, and website links if available. You can also find user reviews for some major stores. The upside to this fabric directory is the quantity of database entries. The downside is that there is no sufficient information regarding the products you can possibly find in a specific store. (
  3. BHN International Textiles – This Los Angeles-based company boasts of their one-on -one customer service, fast delivery and reliability. Having run for three generations and being a part of the textile industry since 1930, they claim to be very knowledgeable and experienced in the textile industry. This reality might be helpful for customers who need assistance in finding out what type of textile to use in a particular garment or cloth product. Their flagship store is based in Los Angeles and you can see their address and contact information on-site. You can also purchase wholesale online and they ship wherever in the US. They accept major credit cards. (
  4. Natalie7Textiles – This is a New York based company located in its famed Garment District and Fashion Center that sells textiles for wholesale and retail. Their Manhattan warehouse is filled with various imported European fabrics. They claim to sell their products at prices far below the usual wholesale costs because they purchase extra huge quantities of surplus fabric from European manufacturers with whom they have a stable business partnership. The availability of their products is limited, that is, once sold out, a particular fabric may not be available for reorder. This is to the advantage of fashion designers who prefer rare fabrics. (
  5. Hoffman Fabrics – This company is known for designing a wide-variety of superior-quality fabrics and products to meet the specific needs of wholesale and retail customers. They cater to fabric stores, quilt shops and businesses. They offer online ordering capability to their existing wholesale customers. All you have to do is register and sign-in to be part of their list of customers and avail their products in bulk. (
  6. Fabric Finders – If you are specifically searching for cotton fabrics, then this is the best place for you. They are a wholesale distributor and they sell fabrics by the bolt. If you are an individual looking for a fabric, feel free to browse through their classified listings of cotton fabrics and when you’ve found the fabric you like, you can contact them to help you find the retailer closest to you. They also allow wholesale purchases online. This company is based in Alabama andmost retail stores selling their products are also located there. (
  7. Beautiful Fabric – They retail draperies and designer fabric at wholesale fabric prices. Their wholesale textile products are cleverly classified by color, pattern, fabric type and trim type. They also sell sale fabrics at a lower price. Their specific products are listed with corresponding pictures, allowing you to see the design and patterns. An intensive product description is also made available along with other information such as fiber content and price per yard. The products can be purchased online; shipping fees are not shouldered by the store. (
  8. Apparel Search – This webpage features an intensive listing of wholesale textile distributors. The fabrics are classified according to their different types and clicking a specific type would lead you to the companies that sell that fabric. Their company directories are described extensively and information on how to access their products are found here. (
  9. Vogue Fabrics Store – This is Chicago’s Vogue Fabrics online fabric store. They pride themselves for their 65 years of credibility as America’s Premier Fabric Store. Their fabric collection is effectively classified into fabric content, weave and specialty. Their collection of wholesale fabrics is vast and you can purchase them easily online. You don’t even need to register. It is amazing how their fabric products are grouped and re-grouped until the choices are narrowed down to what the customers want. Detailed description for every product is also provided in this website. (
  10. Best Fabrics Only – If you are looking for fabrics for upholstery purposes, this website has a great selection of upholstery fabrics all sold at affordable prices. Fabrics with corresponding pictures are listed in one page for easy comparison. Wholesale prices are indicated to be much lower than retail prices. Each product is described by its fabric type, dimensions, price per yard and additional descriptions indicating water and stain resistance, etc.  (
  11. Fabric Depot – They claim to have the widest selection of fabric products. However, as seen in their website, it seems that they specialize more on quilt kits, crafts, gifts, home décor, or the application of fabrics in general. Despite the name of the company or store and the claims they lay on having a vast selection of fabric products, their website doesn’t seem to reflect this fact. There is very little information dedicated to the specific fabrics they sell. (

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