The Rock Legend Who Never Was

I have been putting off plans for a world tour with my rock band for some time now.

This is mainly due to the fact that I don’t have a rock band, but when I came across vintage guitar amps on sale it reminded me of the days when I would team up with a couple of my friends to write songs and plan for the days when we would need bodyguards wherever we went.

I am not sure where it all went wrong. We certainly had the lyrical talent – the song about the dog that learned to play the guitar could have been a contender – and we certainly had the hunger to become rich and famous. I think one of my fellow band members was already looking at yachts and helicopters for sale.

Did this concert only happen in my head?

I don’t suppose that my tale of limited yet wasted talent is any different from that of many others out there. When I see people of my age who look like they have a respectable job I can’t help wondering what they dreamed of being in their youth.

Did anyone ever snuggle down into their Mickey mouse clubhouse bedding and dream of working in a bank or a supermarket? I reckon that we all have unfulfilled dreams lurking in our heads, and I think it would do us some good now and then to get them out in the open and discuss them, or simply to remember them and try to capture the feeling of limitless possibilities which comes with youth; when even a lame song about a guitar playing mutt can seem like one small step on your road to stardom. The loss of this innocent way of thinking is one of the great tragedies of growing up, as far as I am concerned.

Of course, at some point the dreaming has to stop and real life has to begin. Eventually we all need a steady job, a mortgage and an 8 passenger SUV to cart the family round in. Despite this, giving ourselves the luxury of slipping back in time occasionally and reliving old dreams is one of the best ways to remind ourselves that our jobs and our commitments don’t define us as people. I always was and always will be a rock legend in my head, even if no one else knows it.

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