Things I Wish I Had Been Given as a Kid

I recently wrote about some of my favourite toys, and very sad reading it made too. Don’t get my wrong, inflatable football players and pieces of scrap salvaged from bins are great. It’s just that sometimes I longed for something else. Like these things, for example….

Make Your Own Chocolate

The phrase candy mold is a bit too American for me so I am going to call it a sweet maker or even a choccie press. Just think what I could have done with this. In fact, I am still tempted to get one if I can find a way of smuggling it past my wife.

Swim Like a Dolphin

I would have been delighted if my family had decided to look at fiberglass swimming pools when I was a kid. I never really learned to swim properly and now my occasional contact with water always ends in a rather ungainly splashing about which is just embarrassing. Had I had a pool I am sure that I could have been an Olympic standard swimmer, or that at least I could have swam more than 10 metres without sinking like a stone.

Can I see your passport please

A Cuddly Pet

I really wasn’t that bothered about the nationality of my pet and would have been equally happy with Spanish goats, Polish rabbits or Polynesian hamsters to be honest. Actually, can I digress for a second from this list? I once read that all the hamsters in the US were bred from one Syrian hamster which sneaked (or, more likely, was sneaked) through customs. How can this be? Now I can’t find the story again and everyone thinks I am making it up.

A Nice Wardrobe

Is it a bit pathetic that I once asked for bedroom furniture for Christmas? I always wanted one of those bunk beds with a built in wardrobe. It just looked so cool and practical at the same time.

Find a Fortune

I definitely wanted a metal detector to help me find a hidden treasure, just like theĀ  beachcombers I used to admire. A few months ago I saw a pair of sandals with a built in metal detector. I very nearly bought them but thankfully my last remaining reserves of dignity saw me through the crisis.

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