Time for Some Art

I have never been a particularly artistic sort of person. In fact, the only time I ever made an impression at art classes in school was when I accidentally splashed some green paint on the teacher’s shirt. For some reason I never got good grades at art but it is time to show the world that I am simply a misunderstood artistic genius.

Could I use upholstery foam to make some giant sculptures? Why yes, yes I could. I was thinking that a life size model of the Apollo 11 spacecraft might be a good idea. If that is too ambitious then maybe I could do an upholstery foam version of my dog. I am pretty sure that rich people and other fools would pay a fortune for my foam works. The best bit is that it would only take me about an hour to do each one, so there would be plenty of time to spend my earnings.

Do you think that mail boxes can be used to create some worthwhile art? Probably not but if anyone is capable of doing so then it is me. I could paint a whole bunch of them with faces of US presidents and then stuff them with items which cleverly relate to their presidential terms,. Oh hang on. I only know the names of about 4 presidents. And I don’t really know what I would stuff the mailboxes with. And I can’t paint faces either. Maybe I’ll put this idea on the back burner.

If anyone can make a piece of art out of thermofoil kitchen cabinet doors then it is time for them to step forward. Really, the world is sadly lacking in kitchen furniture based art and that it something which is going to have to change sooner or later.

Could traffic light suppliers help me live out my dream of being a bohemian artist with a gold plated mansion and galleries in New York, Barcelona, Madrid and Stevenage? I believe they could. With a huge number of sets of traffic lights I could set them up to put on a wacky, dancing, dazzling lights display and charge a fortune to the gullible people who come to look at it and go away all dizzy and confused.

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