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Updates on Egyptian Internet Availability

Not exactly deals this time, but due to the frequent questions, I’ll list sources that appear to be continuously updating the state of international connectivity of Egyptian Internet providers.

  1. Renesys blog: Blog entry at Renesys that is being continuously updated. The link goes directly to the latest update. They discuss mainly the 4 major providers – Telecom Egypt (AS8452), Link Egypt (AS24863), Etisalat Misr (AS32992) and Internet Egypt (AS5536).
  2. Huffington Post:  Another set of updates (scroll down the article). Less technically oriented, with field reports from locals and journalists.
  3. ISOC Newsletter: General information on background of the situation. Short paragraph with current updates on the top of the page.
  4. BGPMon Analysis:  Independent BGP monitoring body provides a good summary of the events. You will find there complete overview of the 7 major ASes in Egypt plus a list of the remaining reachable routes. Might be too technical for general public.
  5. RIPE Stats:  Graphs of announced and withdrawn routes of Egyptian prefixes from January 27th onwards. Measured over 3089 BGP prefixes. Concentrating on the original withdraw of routes on January 27th.
  6. ICANN blogpost: ICANN blogpost on the related DNS issue. Since ccTLD DNS servers are located in Egypt, they cannot be reached due to the nonexistent routes.
  7. CNET Updates 1: Report with updates till Friday 2:45pm PT.
  8. CNET Updates 2: Additional report with updates from Friday 2:45pm PT onwards.
  9. DomainCensorship: One of the first sites that brought the news. Updates from 27th and 28th of February.
  10. Michael Froomkin Blog: A short summary with a useful update: Use twitter hash tags #jan25 and #jan28 to follow user reports.

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