What Should I Do With This?

I love buying new things but sometimes I purchase something and then find myself wondering why I even wanted it in the first place. A good example is the pair of boots which have been gathering dust since the day I bought them. I was thinking that an alternative approach now could be to look up some things I have no real interest in and then work out how to use them. Let’s see if it works for me.

Cheap patio furniture. I love patio furniture, and the cheaper the better. However, the big problem is that I recently bought some. What on Earth would I do with 2 lots of patio furniture anyway? Hang on a second, I could put it in my garage and have indoor picnics when its raining. This could be start of a new trend of barbecues in the bathroom and sandwiches in the closet. Now I don’t need to worry about those pesky insects ever again.

Frameless shower doors. Hmm, a shower door with no frame. I guess it must be a useful thing but I can’t work out how. I suppose that if I am going to be taking picnics in the bathroom a door frame might just get in the way from time to time. Ok, I’ll have 5 of them please.

Water softener reviews. I can’t really tell the difference between hard and soft water if I am being honest. In my home country of Scotland the water is apparently soft and here it is hard but it just looks the same to me. Maybe I need to do some research on the subject in order to ensure that I only ever use water of the correct level of hardness. Could be an interesting new hobby when I run out of things to do on a slow Sunday afternoon.

Aluminium awnings. Awnings give shade don’t they? In that case I could do with some regardless of what they are made of. I decided to make myself useful yesterday and paint the outside of the house. Unfortunately someone had turned up the sun and I got burnt to a crisp. As I type this I am squirming in my chair and trying to avoid my reddened skin touching the leather on the seat. Maybe I need a portable awning which I can carry around with me wherever I go. I could start another new trend with this maybe.

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