What Style Suits Me Best?

I have always gone for a sort of casual look with my clothes. When I say casual I really mean unfashionable and when I say unfashionable I mean unironed and completely outdated. Hmm, if I were to change my style completely what would I go for?

The Sporty Look

I used to play golf but never owned any proper golf shirts. Those are the collared, short sleeved jobs the professional players wear, I assume. I always liked the look of those but I used to play with an old t shirt on. Would I need to wear those funny trousers as well? Actually, when I was looking for a picture of golf trousers I typed gold trousers instead and I must confess that I was rather taken by this precious metal based leg-wear. Could I play a round of golf with them on or is it against some old golfing rule?

Better Hair

Can I achieve hair perfection? Depends what that is really. Maybe I could get some long, blonde extensions or go for a Mr T cut. I would quite like to have a supply of wigs for different days and moods actually. Can you imagine that? I could have a drawer stuffed full of them and use them to dry the dishes when I am not wearing them.

The Beach Bum

I have always wanted to wander about wearing Bermuda shorts (if that’s even what they are called) and carrying a surf board under my bronzed arm. Could Teva flip flops be my first step? Then I would just need the shorts, the surfboard, the tan and to learn how to surf. And to swim. Nearly there then.

A Cowboy

I had never ever thought about buying Cowboy hats but what a change of style that would be. I could buy some spurs and start to walk funny too. The more I think about it the more I like this idea. I could start to drink Red Eye ( a believe a finger is the standard measure) and eat lots of beans. This could work you know and it sure beat playing golf, going surfing and messing about with my hair.

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