Why Oh Why Didn’t I Learn This?

If you have ever skimmed the vacancies section of a newspaper and thought, “ooh, that job sounds exciting even if I don’t know what it is” then you will no doubt agree with me that the following are things which would have been nice to learn at school.

How exactly do you fall into a career in trout farming anyway? I think I mentioned earlier that I have an uncle who works in a trout farm on Lake Titicaca but I have no idea how he got the gig. Do you have to pass a trout exam or something?

I have to confess that if someone called me up and offering me a job spray tanning in New Orleans then I would have only two questions; when do I start and what is it? I can imagine myself spraying stuff onto other stuff  and errr generally tanning things with a spraying motion. I am sure I would learn it once I got going.

Do you take archery courses just for fun or could it be a full time career? I realise that the major armies don’t have archery divisions anymore (more’s the pity) but could I get a job hunting animals or protecting a castle? It would like a bit out of place on my CV alongside mortgage underwriter and banking advisor but it would show that I am a well rounded person who is equally happy filling in forms or firing arrows with unerring accuracy.

Maybe I could be a boat loader instead. I come from a town with a fine tradition of boat building so I would be stepping into the shoes of my ancestors by working in something like this. It surely can’t be that difficult to load sea going vessels, can it? I just wish I had studied it as school so that I knew how to do it properly.

I always found something exhilarating about the idea of driving a forklift truck. Sadly I don’t have any¬† forklift certifications but I reckon that I could pick up as I go along, if you pardon the pun.

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