Work Out With Puppies

When I saw Resistance Bands on offer it got me thinking about working out. I often think about this subject and maybe it is time to move onto the next stage and do something about it, so I had a look at the other objects on sale and came up with a few alternative ideas.

English Bulldog Puppy Lifting

English Bulldog Puppy Lifting

Lifting English Bulldog Puppies

Hey, these guys get to be pretty big and heavy when they grow up, don’t they? I reckon that lifting one of these when he’s a puppy should be pretty easy and as he bulks out it is going to get increasingly difficult to lift him. Especially if he uses the resistance bands I should be working out with and adds a lot more muscle mass to his body quicker than I do.

Lifting Large Dog Crates

The next stage in the process would be to lift up the fully grown dog INSIDE his own kennel or crate. These crates have got to weigh a bit, especially if I put the resistance bands inside them as well. By this stage I expect to have a barrel chest much like my English Bulldog.

Lifting Teak Furniture

Now that I am built like The Rock I expect I can lift up the now fairly aged dog inside his own crate inside a piece of teak furniture (with the resistance bands adding ballast in a drawer). Teak isn’t the heaviest wood (I was sad enough to look this up and it is either Ironwood, the Brazilian Quebracho or the Australian Waddy Wood, depending upon who you believe). I found a guy with even more spare time to kill than me who has battered bits of wood to find out the toughest one. It seems like teak is about number 30 or so, so that’s good enough for my body building classes I guess.

Replace Pipe Bending Machinery

Who needs machines to bend pipes when you have an iron body from lifting dogs, crates and teak furniture?

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