A New Home Office Beckons

Anyone who works from home knows that their home office can be a difficult place to decorate. I haven’t changed the layout of my home office in a couple of years so I think it is time to do so at last.

Are tin ceiling tiles any good? I only ask because my ceiling got messed up when some rain seeped in and my attempt to fix it made it look like the sort of thing a really bad modern artist would do to try and attract attention. I tried to fix it a number of times but it seems like me and plaster just don’t get on well together.

Could I have a bounce house in here as well? I probably wouldn’t use it all that much but it would keep my little girl happy. She comes in several times a day and jumps all over my keyboard (if you see any weird spelling mistakes then this is the reason for them). With a lovely big bounce house she could play away with no worries and without knocking over my speakers either.

Would a black sofa fit in well? To be fair, I have never had any black furniture in my life before. Is it any good? I guess it helps covers up any stains and spills, unless you spill white paint or milk, I suppose. Black is the colour of 2013 I think so let’s see if I can get an all black home office.

If I could choose just one thing for my home office it would be a hot dog cart. Can you imagine having one of these things a few feet away form your computer? The only problem is that the smell of the hot dogs might be enough to keep me from doing too much work. It seems like a good recipe for putting on a lot of weight and not doing much work at all.

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