A New Look Beckons

I’ve had the same old look for too long and it is maybe time for a change. So what will I do to make this happen, and will it be worth it? There are some many different things I could do that I don’t even know where to start so let me sit down and think for a minute.

First of all, I reckon that it is time to fact facts and do the only sensible thing in the situation. That’s right; it is time to look at great lengths hair extensions. I kind of miss having my fringe fall floppily over my eyes, although I hated it at the time. It just goes to show that you should appreciate whatever you have while you still have it. Even if it just a silly haircut you thought made you look like Rick Astley.

I could go for some new stray cats t-shirt models. Are we talking about the band or the homeless felines here, though? If I am being honest I like both of them so it doesn’t really matter all that much anyway.

I could also go for a tough look now. This is something I have never done in the past but it is never too late to get aggressive, is it? Not that all bikers are aggressive, you understand. However, I think that with a few tough biker t-shirts I would feel a bit more rough and ready. Of course, to complete the image I would really need a motorbike as well.

Finally, once I have sorted out my hair and clothes I need to do something about my face. I don’t mean plastic surgery – although it wouldn’t do any harm. No, I mean using some men grooming products at last. Now my face will be lovely and smooth and my hands will be like a couple of baby’s bottoms. What better way to finish off my new look?

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