A Step Back in Time

Haven’t you ever wanted to take a step back in time? Oh go on, you know you have, even if only while watching Michael J Fox get up to his time travelling japes.

The problem is that I don’t know what you could talk about with people from the last century or before. After all, they don’t know what an iPhone is, have never heard of Lady Gaga and probably would find you just a little bit weird. So how would you break the ice in the past?

If you could fit some aluminium awnings in the DeLorean then this could be a fine way to get some conversations going. I have always found that big bits of metal can help bridge the generation gap so it might help with a gap of a few centuries as well. You will be regarded as a hero for bringing lightweight metal sheets to their culture and might even become their king or sacrificial offering.

When did man learn how to make ice? I only ask because a portable ice maker could really make a big impression. I just did some light research and it seems that ice was first made artificially at, well, at some point in the past. There are some different theories on it and it could have been the 18th century, the 19th century or even further back by the Chinese, the Egyptians or the Indians. Who knows? Anyway I forgot what my point was now so that’s the last time I’ll do any research.

People from the 15th century would be amazed to see your bamboo shoes. To be fair I would too and I live in this century. Nominally at least.

I finally have the answer though; tempurpedic pillows. Who could resist enjoying a better night’s sleep? Whether they lived in a cave in the mountains or a 17th century hovel your host would be delighted to rest their neck on a more comfortable pillow. Actually, when were pillows first invented?

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