My Predictions for 2013

2013 has been going for a few days now and I have to confess that I sense a weird sort of a year already. My uncanny knack for predicting the future tells me that the following things are going to happen in 2013.

Aliens will land. That’s right, the long awaited invasion from space will possibly take place this year. Will it be friendly? After looking in my crystal ball all I can say on the matter is that you shouldn’t make any plans for celebrating the start of 2014. Our one hope is with the dogs and I would encourage all small dog breeders to breed bigger dogs to defend us. Personally, I will be putting my little pooch onto an intensive body building course.

Exotic flowers will spread. Even before our Martian friends turn us into dust an amazing transformation will take place on the planet. Exotic flowers will spread all over the globe. The only problem is that they will therefore stop becoming exotic and the boring ones which disappeared will now be viewed as being exotic instead. It’s a complicated business this.

Searchers of records will discover that I am really the legimitate heir of the Mongol empire. I have always wondered why my  grandad was named Genghis and now I think that someone might piece together the parts of the puzzle. Is there any chance they will give me my empire back if I ask nicely? Unfortunately I once read that 0.5% people of men in the world are descended from Genghis Khan, so I could be in for a fight here.

Could 2013 finally be the year of hair perfection for all of us? I like to think so and if it is then could I ask for a long, flowing blonde locks please. How will this hiruste revolution take place? I believe that it will be all about lion mane implants but I could be wrong. Anyway, let’s enjoy all of this year’s events no matter what they are.

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