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Agility Training

Agility Training –  Everyone needs exercise right?! and because of all its benefits, why not doing it the right way, right? in this page you’ll get to know the proper steps and instructions on how to conduct your own agility program. Follow them and surely, you will improve. The progrmas listed here are only for man but also for the Man’s Bestfriend, Dogs.
  1. Agility Ability: This is Training Program for Dogs. This is specifically designed to be learned by Dogs in a scheduled time. Check out their Course syllabus here. (
  2. This is a simple site where you can make your own activities to improve your agility. You can just modify their sample training template here and check out their tips on how to effective improves your agility. (
  3. Wikia: The contents of this Wikia page are all about the Agility Training Guide to increase agility level. Know how to execute this program and know all te equipments needed. View images for guides here. (
  4. Brian MAC: This is online Internet based Sports Coach. Here you can download programs on how to improve one’s agility. Check out some titles of their downloadable here. (
  5. Wikipedia: Know more about Dog agility here at Wikipedia. This is basically a competition for dogs and will test their agility. Know the rules of these competitions here, the obstacle types, scoring procedure, Classes, and its history. (
  6. YouTube: Watch the “Speed Agility Training” video here at YouTube. This video gives us ideas on all exercises used to improve one’s agility. Watch it here and also know the equipments needed. (
  7. Perform Better: Construct your own Speed and Agility Training Zone at home now! Be a better performer in terms of agility and speed with these programs that are easy to follow. Check out how here. (
  8. Sports Fitness Advisor: In their Speed Training Section, you’ll get to know all their tips on what and what not to do when improving your agility and speed. Check out also their own design of programs that are effectively improves these aspects. Check them all here. (

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