All You Need Is….

If you were asked to name the one thing you need to keep you happy for a while what would it be? I think that if you asked a lot of people you would get an incredible variety of answers, so here are some ideas to get you started. Maybe you will even surprise yourself with your own answer after thinking about it for a while.

I don’t know about you but the words water trampoline bring a big smile to my face. If you had one of these in the garden then you could go and jump around for a few hours whenever you were feeling sad. I can’t imagine anyone owning one of these things and being unhappy for a long period of time. You just know that it would tempt you to go and have a go when you were feeling blue.

You might take your house windows for granted but if you didn’t have them you would soon know how important there are to your happiness. I won’t dwell on my negative carpentry experience but a few months without proper windows gave me a new perspective on life.

If you have a boat then a boat cover is going to keep you (and it) happy. However, if you are in a boat free scenario then it isn’t going to add a lot to your life, unless you are saving up for a boat and this is your first step. Anyway, what I want to say really is that it isn’t what you have that matters but what you do with it. If you concentrate more on what you don’t have then maybe it is time to think about what you do have, as it will probably be a lot more than you thought, if that even makes sense

What about dog beds? Sometimes looking after the comfort of those close to us is more satisfying than looking after ourselves. I don’t always give my pooch the luxuries he deserves and I would definitely feel a lot better if I were to start doing so.

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