What Day Is It?

Do you ever get so confused that you kind of forget what day it is or where you live? Both of these things happened to me at the same time a couple of weeks ago. I was walking home and thinking about what I needed to do later on when I realised that I didn’t where I was going or what day of the week it was. Thankfully my jacket has my name written inside it, so at least I knew who I was.

Still, it can be a frightening experience when this happens and I decided to see what I could do to stop it occurring again anytime soon.

What about a soap for each day? I tend to use the same soap for a fairly lengthy period of time but instead of doing this I could buy some soap making supplies and make a different bar for each day. This means that as I rubbed my face each morning I would know right away what stage of the week I was at.

They should eliminate spiral stairs from near my house. Don’t get me wrong here; I would quite like some in my house where there is no chance of me getting lost. However, there is a set near my local library and by the time I get to the top (or bottom) I am usually a bit dizzy and have completely forgotten where I was going. I tried fixing my eyes on a set point but I ended up almost falling over a group of children.

Can you get Reebok shoes with built in GPS? I only ask because I just read about some GPS shoes and I am not really sure how widespread this kind of thing is. Can you get GPS gloves and hats as well for those cold, winter days?

If I really can’t work out how to get back home to my bed then the final option is to check out some bounce house rentals. I could sleep in one of these and try to get home again in the morning. It has got to be more comfortable than my lumpy old mattress, and a lot more fun as well.

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