Another Lovely Christmas

Don’t you just love Christmas? It has been my favourite time of year ever since I got given the Atari games console which I had been bleating about since around July. So what great stuff could we get up to this year?

The 25th of December must be a great day to go for a pamper me day spa. I have no idea whether spas open on this day but they should if they don’t already. If you are stressed out with the turkey, the gifts and the restless relatives then it could be a good idea to try and get yourself into a spa today. Even if you wait till tomorrow it will be well worth it.

If you are going to use jewelry for shoes any day of the year then it might as well be Christmas day, mightn’t it? It is something I have never really tried and I am not at all sure that guys can get away with it. I am going to have to start paying attention to men’s footwear to see if any of them use jewellery on them.

Don’t forget to look out your best steak knives for the big meal. Actually, can you cut turkey with steak knives or are there specific turkey knives or poultry knives? There isn’t a lot of turkey around these parts anyway so my Christmas dinner will be a chicken based one. Nothing wrong with that of course, as long as you can find the right tools to cut it with.

Christmas in Hawaii must be nice. It’s probably a bit late to organise a trip there now to be honest but it could be a great idea for next year. Having said that, I think that Easter, Valentine’s Day and St Winifred’s Day would probably all be fantastic on a tropical island. Ah well, see you all there next year.

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