This list contains the top deals I've found for Beef Jerky. We have also written about Jerky Recipes, Frozen Meat Distributors and Am I the New Lady Gaga?.
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Beef Jerky

  1. Buy beef jerky online including brand, Buffalo Bills brand beef jerky, Texas best and other brands of beef jerky. If you’re not sure which to choose, you can narrow the selection by choosing gourmet features like Cajun, teriyaki, black pepper, and more. (
  2.  Their jerky is made locally in Southern California, from fresh ingredients, and is shipped to you often only days after it was made. Beef Jerky flavors include bbq, big black pepper, hot old fashioned, old fashioned, sweet n’ spicy, teriyaki, western, and whiskey bbq. (
  3. Fresh and tasty beef jerky straight from a factory in Europe. 98% Fat free that is high in protein. A low carbohydrates high energy Beef Jerky snack. Great for outdoor activities like hiking, sailing, skiing, backpacking, golfing, fishing, kayaking, and more. (
  4. Beef Jerky is a great dietary supplement that has been used for years by people over the century as a snack and also as a food staple. They have Territory Beef jerky Hot, Bull Bar Chili beef Jerky and Road Kill Beef Jerky Ring Burner. They have a new type of QLD beef jerky that has 2 varieties, the Iron bark beef jerky and the original beef jerky with different flavours. (
  5. House of Jerky beef jerky is made fresh with no preservatives or MSG added. Their superior flavor comes from their seasoning and marinating process. The flavors that they have are Black Pepper Beef Jerky, Hot Beef Jerky, Natural Beef Jerky, Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky, and Teriyaki Beef Jerky. (
  6.  They have three style ranges and six flavors of jerky for sale. The ranges are Tender bite nuggets, Gourmet (MSG Free) and All Natural (No artificial ingredients at all). (
  7. carries a wide selection of USA made jerky products for every budget. They have unique flavors like BBQ and Sweet and Spicy, exotic meat-types such as Venison and Buffalo, and exclusive products like Pineapple and Bacon Jerky. (
  8. Check out their large selection of beef jerky from your favorite brands like Bulk, Jack Links, Oberto, Damn Good, Rheinhold & Timko, Slim Jim, King B, Big Johns and more. (
  9. How to Make Beef Jerky: For most of human history the only way to preserve meat was to dry it into jerky. While new methods of meat preservation have now been developed such as freezing, chemicals, and so on. Because moisture and fat must be removed from the meat, it can also be a healthy source of protein. Follow these steps and make your own. (
  10. Beef Jerky Recipe: A detailed recipe and instructions for making jerky in the oven. Check out the links of the more popular beef jerky recipes such as the Chinese Beef Jerky, Jack Daniels Beef Jerky, Blue Ribbon Beef Jerky, and Wisconsin Beef Jerky. (

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