This list contains the top deals I've found for Boat Auctions. We have also written about Used Boat Motors, Used Boat Machines and Boat Cover.
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Boat Auctions

US Boat Auctions – Find the Best Place where you can join Auctions for Boats and Other Marine Parts in the World Wide Web. Also here you’ll find tips on how to successfully join and claim the item you want.

  1. US Auction: Want to Buy a Boat? IT can be a Used boat but you hope it’s still 100% Functional? Well, you are in the right place! US Auctions offers their trusted Online Auctions not just for Boats but for almost all items! They Boat for Auctions are columned according to their Item #, Description, Location, Days Remaining, and the Current Highest Bid. Register now here and join the online auctions. (
  2. National Liquidators: They have one of the huge inventory of Boats , Yachts, and other Marine Vehicles that are up for online Auction. If you are looking for a Trusted site that has auctions then National Liquidation is indeed one of the best! Browse their entire online inventory here now. (
  3. Bidding – National Liquidators: national Liquidators is an online Auction Site for Marine vehicles. Find the steps in bidding before you join the actual auctions. Read these Steps carefully and surely you’ll get the boat you are looking for! (
  4. Boat Auctions Info: Find the Top Boat Auctions for 2011 here! Their site is very organized because of all specific categories they have for all their Boats that are available for bids. They handle auctions for bidders all over US! Know more about their insurance policies here! (
  5. Boat Auction Direct: Star here! You can now set your bids for your desired boat here at Boat Auction Direct. This is I think one of the best Boat Auctions site, because of all positive testimonials given by past bidders of Boats. Find out how it works here. (
  6. BoatUS: One of the trusted sites when it comes to Boat Auctions here in the US Area. It is trusted by the Consumer Protection Bureau so you are guaranteed that you are dealing with the “Real” Items. View the boat you want by clicking in the Consumer Departments, and their Boat Manufacturer Directory. You can also print their updated Brochures here. (
  7. Auction Services: This is a site where you can find all the benefits you can have in joining Auctions. Read also all their compiled issues and complaints that are explained future and concluded that they didn’t compile to some of The Auction Site’s Terms and Regulations. (
  8. Boat Trader: This is your Ultimate Boat Auction Resources! They also have great Auction Terms and Regulations that are most suitable to both the customer and the Bidders. You can also join Auctions for Boat Parts, and other Marine Equipments. (

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