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Used Boat Machines

If you need boat machines for rebuilding boats, it is good to know that you have cheaper options by finding great deals on used boat machines. You’ll save a ton if you consider browsing the following sites for tips, and you may just find here the exact boat machine you need for a lesser cost.

  1. How To Find Used Boat Parts – First off, here is a general overview on how to find used boat parts/machines in many different ways. Some of the tips mentioned here are: to check the internet, read the boat classifieds, look at salvage yards, and buying an old boat for parts. More specific instructions are found here so visit this site. Links to auction sites are also provided. I guarantee that this “how-to” article gives useful pieces of information. (
  2. Boat Auctions Direct – You have to be a member to fully access the contents of this site. Once you have already registered, you will see that the site gives significant depth on the information they provide consumers. They focus on and collect boat parts and equipments from auctions and even from salvage sources and they take time to organize it so that they are readily useable upon purchase. The used products here are cheaper yet worth the cost. (
  3. Boat Trader – This is a buy and sell site specializing in boats and boat parts. Most probably, you’ll find the boat machine you need in this site. They have an on-site search engine that will help you narrow your search depending on the exact boat part, machine or engine you need, all you have to do is indicate your specifications. The sellers can be contacted through phone or via e-mail. Each used product here is provided with specifications and pictures. There are a lot of great finds in this site and consumers rave about their buy and sell services. (
  4. Boat Classifieds – It is a free online advertising system for buying and selling boats and boat parts and accessories. Chances are, you will find here the used boat machine that you need. You have to register and log in to contact the seller for further information. It is the independent sellers who post pictures and provide information about their used boat part and this information is insufficient, thus, it you’d surely find it necessary to contact them. Despite the lack of provided information for each product, the site is still commendable for it has a huge database of used boat parts that is updated regularly, at real-time. (
  5. Sailorman Used Gear – They have an extensive inventory of used boat products, all found in their store in Fort Lauderdale, but not to worry because they do ship products if you’re just planning on purchasing online. The information found here for each product may not be as extensive as their collection; however, you can always contact them to acquire further information. (
  6. Boats and Outboards UK – This is another buy and sell site wherein independent sellers can post their advertisements for both brand new and used boats and boat parts. The product descriptions of each boat part for sale are written and submitted by the sellers themselves so they essentially control the information released about each product. Some sellers provide video ads on the product they’re selling and pictures to supplement the descriptions and specifications they posted. It is a great venue for finding used boat machines and parts. (
  7. Oodle – Here you will find listings of used boat parts and accessories for sale. Just like those we’ve seen so far, advertisements and description about the product listings are controlled by the sellers, explaining the inconsistency in the type and quantity of information you can find for each product. The website updates frequently and you can opt to have their database automatically e-mail you for updates and who knows, the exact boat machine you are searching for might come up for sale at a price you’d love. (
  8. Nick’s Outboard Marine – The product descriptions may be limited but their collection of slightly-used, cheap and economical boat parts, engines and machines is huge, you might not need to search someplace else. Don’t be put off by the simple HTML layout because among the multitude of words, you may just find the exact product you are looking for and avail it at a fairly reasonable price. The independent sellers are also the sole provider of information found here. You may contact the site administrators through phone or e-mail for further information. (
  9. Marine Direct Australia – Marine Direct offers either new, used or reconditioned parts for nearly all brands of inboard diesel, inboard petrol, outboard motors and stern drive legs. They provide a 90 day warranty for reconditioned parts and 30 day warranty for second hand parts. Inorder to get a quote, users of this site simply have to fill a form indicating the specifications, model name, brand, etc., of the used boat part they are looking to purchase. The information for the products here are also user-provider and direct contact with independent seller is highly encouraged for you to know more about the product and the sale proceedings. (
  10. Boat Store USA – This is the last in our list of great sources for used boat machines and parts. They do have a few selections of second hand boat part products but it is worth emphasizing that they sell mostly brand new equipments. (
  11. Horne’s Marine Salvage – There’s a difference between few and limited information to no information at all. The listed variety of used boat parts you can see from this site is enticing, but the pictures, not so much. They also don’t have a product-by-product review of the used parts they have for sale in their store. You can’t get anything from this site so to get a hold of the possible used boat machines sold here, you have no other choice but to call or visit the store itself. (

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