This list contains the top deals I've found for Care Credit. We have also written about Health Care Providers, GMAC Payment Center and Medical Billing Software.
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Care Credit

  1. CareCredit® Healthcare Finance: Offers a healthcare financing plan developed to assist both the patient and physician. CareCredit offers payment plans and financing for cosmetic surgery, dental, vision, hearing, veterinary, and other medical procedures. Know the incentives of being a cardholder, know how CareCredit works, and search for healthcare providers near you. (
  2. CareCredit® Veterinary Finance: They don’t only care for us; they also care for our much-loved pets. Offers veterinary financing for Pet Care, pet surgery, vaccinations, and others. Also offers low monthly payment options, no up-front costs, and no pre-payment penalties so you can keep your pet in its healthy shape.
  3. CareCredit® Healthcare Finance – Apply Now: Apply now for instant approval. Applying for CareCredit is simple. You just simply search for a doctor, choose from a list of doctors, or simply tell them how you will use CareCredit. Then submit the one-page online application form and you’ll have an answer immediately. If you also want, download and print the application and take it to your health provider. (
  4. CareCredit® Financing Options: It’s your freedom what option works for you. CareCredit® Financing Options is a way to spread out the costs of your healthcare and lets you select terms what best fit your budget. Choose the promotional financing plan you want with your CareCredit card. (
  5. GE Money CareCredit® Australia: CareCredit provides flexible patient financing, specifically designed for healthcare expenses. From people to pets, Carecredit provides patient payment plans for veterinary, dental, vision and audiology. CareCredit allows you begin treatment then pay for it over time with interest free, or extended payment plans. (
  6. CareCredit® Dental Financing: Keep your summer smile looking great! CareCredit® offers dental financing for dentistry and dental procedures for teeth whitening, tooth filling, root canals and more. Get your free guide here and find out how to maintain dental health, know cosmetic dentistry procedures, and have tips for selecting a doctor. (
  7. CareCredit® Online Access and Payments: This gives you quick and easy accesses to your account information. You can manage your account online, anytime you need it. You can also pay your bills online, it’s secure, and available anytime. And with paperless statement, this makes things easier for you and the environment. (
  8. CareCredit® Provider Locator: Search for your provider near you with provider locator. Look for any CareCredit Provider near you, search for his/her profession, and zip code. You can also check here if your personal Doctor accept CareCredit, enter his/her name, phone and state. (
  9. CareCredit LASIK Financing: Get LASIK procedure today and get convenient payment plans when using CareCredit. CareCredit would like to help you decide easier in getting the vision you’ve always wanted. And being a GE company, this has been providing healthcare financing assistance for 20 years and now the leading patient providing institute. Apply now and once approved, you can obtain a variety of other services like LASIK and others. (
  10. Healthcare Finance – Q & A with CareCredit: Browse the FAQs regarding CareCredit services. The Questions were directly answered by CareCredit Inc. themselves. Find out the full range of their services and offers dedicated to their beloved clients. CareCredit might just answer that question that hinders you in using their services. (

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