This list contains the top deals I've found for Vintage Mickey Mouse Collectibles. We have also written about Vintage Mickey Mouse Crib Bedding, Mickey Mouse Pillowcase and Mickey Mouse Phone.
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Vintage Mickey Mouse Collectibles

  1. Best Vintage Mickey Mouse Collectibles: If you can’t get enough of vintage Mickey Mouse, you’ve come to the right store. Best Vintage Mickey offers over sixteen thousand vintage Mickey Mouse collectibles in their store. From Disney Mickey Mouse figurines to Mickey Mouse cookie jars, picks, pins, cards, jewelry, magazines, as well as Mickey Mouse t-shirts, and a lot more! You’ll surely find here the best vintage Mickey Mouse collectibles of your choice (
  2. Mickey Mouse Collectibles at Country Joe’s Shop: This store has a great deal of unique Mickey Mouse Collectibles for sale. Among the vintage items that they have are figurines, puzzle, a souvenir spoon, license plate, sharpener and ornaments. They also have the one of a kind Brass Mickey Mouse Water Faucet, which you won’t see often and the Vintage 1950’s era box of Mickey Mouse Sunshine Straws. All of their Mickey Mouse collectibles are in great condition. (
  3. Pre-1968 Mickey Mouse Collectibles at eBay: From the best eBay auction sellers around the world, this page will show you really old Mickey Mouse collectibles such as figurines, watches, dolls and a lot more. With over 8000 items for sale, you’ll find a lot of very interesting Mickey Mouse items from different parts of the world such as a very rare 1930’s Mickey Mouse German Potty, Vintage Mickey Mouse Ink Stamper, and an old Mickey Mouse drum mid-nite serenaders Indian chief. (
  4. Vintage Mickey Mouse Collectibles at Bonanza: This big online store has a great variety of vintage Mickey Mouse collectibles from a range of different sellers.  Most of their highest prices collectibles are paintings and some dolls like the Walt Disney’s Band Leader Mickey mouse mechanical animations. They also have low price collectibles such as cards, pins, pencils, statue, baby toy and more. (
  5. Mickey Mouse and other Disney Collectibles at Atlanta Antique Gallery: If you’re looking for unique vintage Mickey Mouse collectibles, you’ve come to the right place. Atlanta Antique Gallery offers a limited selection of highly desirable vintage Mickey Mouse collectibles plus other Disney characters. Some of them are Mickey Mouse 1930’s Pot Holders, 1920’s Mickey Mouse , and 70’s Vintage Mickey Mouse With Original Box. (
  6. Vintage Mickey Mouse collectibles at Antique Mystique: Old, antique and vintage Disney and Mickey Mouse cartoon and movie collectibles including toys, games, watches, puzzles and other memorabilia’s. (
  7. The Official Price Guide to Mickey Mouse Collectibles: With Mickey Mouse being the most widely recognized character in the world, this book offers Over 6,000 prices of Mickey Mouse collectibles, with over 2000 photographs, plus tips on the hottest items, most valuable pieces, and the newest finds. (
  8. Mickey Mouse Collectible Buttons and Pins: If you’re looking for Mickey Mouse collectibles buttons and pins, you’re just in the right place. Make an auction now before it’s too late because Their Pins and Buttons are selling fast and auctions ending soon. (

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