This list contains the top deals I've found for Ceramic House Signs. We have also written about House Signs, House Number Signs and Wooden Address Signs.
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Ceramic House Signs

  1. Broadland Ceramics: They specialise in hand made ceramic house plaques and memorials as well as offering other gift ideas to suit everyone’s taste. Their ceramic plaques make excellent gifts which are not only thoughtful and personal but useful as well. All of their products are totally weather resistant, they wont crack in the frost or fade in direct sunlight and best of all, in short, they are maintenance free. (
  2. Black Country Metal Works: They offer Iron and Ceramic House Signs for you. These are made from a cast iron frame with beautifully coloured ceramic tile inserts.  The smaller house number is for single numerals while larger house number can accommodate up to 3 numerals. (
  3. Ceramic House Signs at The Find: View TheFind’s list of stores that offer Ceramic House Signs. Some of these stores offer deals while others, their ceramic signs are on discounted. Narrow your results according to price range, stores, and color. (
  4. Fine Crafts: Their ceramic house sign numbers and letters have the dimension of 6″x3″  dimensions of each tile. These are  hand painted individually. Ceramic house numbers and letters signs are fired at high temperatures, Weather/frost proof, scratch resistant, heavy duty, and suitable for interior or exterior use. Cement recommended for installation. (
  5. Home Expo: Check out Home Expo’s Directory Listings for Ceramic House Signs. View the Company Details here, including teir contact information. (
  6. The House Sign Studio: Their Ceramic house numbers are beautifully handpainted in a huge range of designs. Their ceramic house numbers are fired to ensure total weather/frostproofing. These ceramic house numbers are something very special, beautifully painted, ideal gifts for that special occasion. Buy it now here. (
  7. Address Plaque Shops: Their Ceramic Address Plaque collection features discounted, decorative address plaques that you may personalize to accent your home. They are the leader in personalized, decorative address plaques. (
  8. House Numbers Ceramic Tiles: Shop here for their variety of ceramic house numbers designs, different styles of mosaic house signs, hand painted in Tunisia. Each ceramic tile number and letter is individually hand painted and these are  Fire and Frost proof. (
  9. Ceramic House Signs at The UK Based directory on places and stores that offer Ceramic House Sign Service. View the deatils here, and their price. (
  10. Jerusalem Pottery: They offer name plates online. They have a list of Hand painted house sign, door name plate, and office name plate. Each house name plate tiles has the dimensions of 3×6 inches. (

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