This list contains the top deals I've found for House Signs. We have also written about House Number Signs, Ceramic House Signs and Personalized Street Signs.
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House Signs

  1. Croft Cast Signs: Check out these designers and manufacturers of finest quality hand painted cast aluminum signs, commemorative plaques, engraved and tactile signs. View their list of Street Signs, Commemorative Plaques, Blue plaques, House Signs, and their other products here. (
  2. Mayfair Signs: Choose from Mayfair’s Cast Aluminum House Signs and their Cast Aluminum with Reflective Numbers. Mayfair’s entirely handmade house signs and address plaques are surely at its highest quality. Browse their extensive range of custom signs. (
  3. Rustic Stone: Rustic Stone offers Custom House Signs and Plaques here. They create custom slate house signs and plaques that perfectly suit your home. View their thousands of slate signs for farms, cottages, suburban pads, bungalows and country mansions. Choose from their wide range of sizes, colrs, and designs. (
  4. The Sign Maker: The Sign Maker’s house signs and Numbers are made from UK. Choose from their wide range of House Signs including Wooden House Signs, Slate House Signs, House Numbers, Stone-like Corian House Signs, Clear Acrylic Name Plates, Reflective Signs and Numbers, Marble and Granite, Engraved Name Plates, Cast Brass, Bronze, and Aluminum, Hand Painted Ceramic House Signs and a lot more.  (
  5. My House Sign: This is a London based house sign maker. They offer high value carved and painted House Signs, Hanging Signs, and Free Standing Signs. You can also design your own design your own House Sign here. Also view their gallery of their House Signs here. (
  6. Your Signs: They offer Reflective House Signs here. Their House Sign Designers combine traditional arts and crafts techniques together with contemporary resin and reflective lettering technologies to produce elegant, quality, long lasting house signs that will enhance the curb appeal of your home in daytime and also help make your home address easier to find during hours of darkness.  (
  7. Spring Valley Signs: Create youre own Handcrafted Signhere. Just find a sign you like, customize it, and order it online now. Select for a Shape, Theme, and Color here. (
  8. House Signs by Trudy: Trudy Silcox is a supplier of fully hand painted house signs, plaques and house numbers. Choose from their unique House Sign Designs here. Choose the material you want here.  (
  9. Mailbox and Beyond: Check out their quality Residential Mailboxes, Address Plaques and Signs, Personalized Home Accents and Garden Decor and more. View their Top Selling Signs, New Arrivals, and their Features Signs here.  (
  10. The House Sign Studio: They offer House Sign products in slate, brass, aluminium, ceramic and wood from the United Kingdom. Browse their entire gallery here and find out how to place those orders. (

Additional User Suggestion

  1. Matt Lewis wrote:

    House & Garden Plaques offers a wide range of designs for House Signs, Plaques and Garden Memorials in a range of materials. They also offer a free mock up service.

    Posted 28 Feb 2012 at 1:31 pm
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