Eat More and Be Happy

There is nothing quite like sitting down to a steaming bowl of soup or a plate of delightful pasta and filling your tum. Eating is good fun and here are some top tips for eating more and being happier.

You could start by putting up some beer mirrors. I always have more of an appetite in the pub, so if I can fool myself into thinking that I am there then I can eat a lot more. The only thing I would need to do is buy lots of bags of crisps and peanuts, as that it all that my local offers. These probably aren’t the healthiest snacks in the world but they make me remember some good times in the pub.

Can the best steak knives come in handy if you don’t like steak? I am not a big meat eater but I like the feel of a big, sturdy steak knife in my hands. Could I eat my tofu surprise with one of these bad boys? I think the quality of cutlery you use makes a big difference to the enjoyment you get from your meals.

I could go fishing to get some food. Hold on though, our scaly friends are among my most hated foods. I would really like to be able to eat them but I just can’t stand the look or smell of them. If you could go fishing for ravioli or lasagne it would be much appealing to me. Can you imagine hooking a lovely plate of pasta and then weighing it and getting your picture taken holding it up? I believe that it how they fish in Italy.

Maybe I could use a centrifugal blower to make more interesting desserts. I have no idea how one of these things work but my flans and cheesecakes are sure to come out better after a bit of centrifugal blowing around the place.Desserts are things I never neglect so eat, so I won’t need to work too hard to enjoy myself no matter what machines I use.

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