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Contemporary Floor Lamps

The beauty of a house’s interior design is set-off by correct lighting. Designers and homeowners alike know that lighting does make a huge difference not only in the look but also in the ambiance of a home. One way of directly or indirectly lighting a room in the house is with the use of contemporary floor lamps. A lamp will not light-up a room but will add warmth, coziness and point of interest.

1. How to Buy a Floor Lamp: It takes more than choosing a style when buying a floor lamp. It matters what the floor lamp will illuminate, where it would be located, its size, color, style and so on. What direction would you like the lamp to “shine”- downwards, upwards or both? How bright do you need the lamp to be? The short “how-to” article gives tips on what to consider before buying a floor lamp. (

2. 2,376 Contemporary Floor Lamps: Contemporary design actually refers to what is popular or used in the present time. Therefore it is possible to conclude that what is “contemporary” is eclectic since designs could be borrowed from different design periods. On this website is a wide range of various contemporary floor lamps. The general thrust of the designs leans on simple lines and uncluttered presentations.(

3. Contemporary Floor Lamps: There are various possibilities for a floor lamp. Based on type, there are adjustable, arc lamps, torchiere, art glass, art shade and more. Based on finishing, a floor lamp can be brass, bronze, chrome, brushed steel, wood, pewter and so on. The possibilities for color are extensive – pink, red, blue, natural and more. Choosing a floor lamp from this site is a breeze. Just tick off the style, color, finish, price range and brand. (

4. Contemporary Floor Lamps: There are more than 300 contemporary floor lamps on this website and they are not exactly cheap. There are floor lamps that cost more than $4,000 and there are lamps worth $500 and less. The designers of the various floor lamps are Pablo Pardo, Ernesto Gismondi, Philippe Starck and more. Finishes are in nickel, chrome, bronze, titanium, copper, mahogany and more. (

5. Floor Lamps: Materials for floor lamps can be metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood or porcelain. The finish can be in crystal, nickel, pewter or bronze. Shades are in blue, white, black, brown, gold, orange and more. Special features are 3-way switch lamp, with dimmer, adjustable height to name a few. The price range of floor lamps sold on this site is $42 to $2,230. (

6. Floor Lamps: IKEA brand floor lamps are highly affordable. The designs run on simple lines, with some in single metal stand and then there are those that reflect Japanese Zen design. Some of the floor lamps offered by IKEA are “tall” at 6 feet. These floor lamps are stylish yet very affordable. (

7. Contemporary Floor Lamps: The floor lamps offered on this website carry the brands Adesso, Kenroy, Kichler Lighting, Lite Source, Nova and Sonneman. The thrust of most of the floor lamps on this website is to save energy thus there are more than 100 energy efficient floor lamps offered here. (

8. Floor Lamps: Target offers very functional, stylish and affordable floor lamps. There are floor lamps pegged at only $17! It is easy enough to narrow down the choices. Simply tick-off color preference, height of the lamp, material, price range and brand. Target also offers a 2-year replacement plan for items pegged between $50 to $99. (

9. Floor Lamps: There is a line that separates a regular floor lamp from an artistic floor lamp. The floor lamps presented on this site are pieces of artworks masking as floor lamps! I love the Tress Grande Floor Lamp! It is made of composite material on lacquered fiberglass base. This floor lamp looks like a web of resin and threads that serve as diffuser and décor. At $2, 653 apiece, I can only admire it online! (

10. Floor Lamps: Amazon has a whole range of floor lamps sold on site. These lamps are classified as torch lamps, arc lamps, swing lamps, tree lamps and pharmacy lamps. There are floor lamps pegged at less than $15 and there are floor lamps that are priced a little over $100. Bottom line? The floor lamps sold at Amazon are very cheap! (

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