This list contains the top deals I've found for French Lamps. We have also written about Russian Lamps, English Lamps and German Lamps.
-- Kenneth

French Lamps

  1. La Maison: Exquisite French Provincial Furniture and Iron Lighting in Sydney. Login now and view their exciting line of French Lamps. (
  2. French Country and Victorian Lamps at Inviting Lighting: Check this site for beautifully crafted lamps exude the style of French Country and Victorian, many of which are custom made upon order. Buy these Cheap French lighting now. (
  3. French Country Lamps at Pierre Deux: Take a look at Pierre Deux’s list of french Country Lamps, lightings, and more. Bring the light of the French country into your home by adding a French lamp from our encompassing Provence-style collection. (
  4. French Country decorating Style – Lamps: This is an article for French country lights with examples of french decorating style. Also view some tips on finding the lamps for your new decorating project. (
  5. Melody Maison: View Vintage Chic french furniture and beautiful French Style Accessories here at Melody Maison. Buy their beautiful collection of home furnishings and accessories online. these are guaranteed with vintage French country look. Check out their selection here. (
  6. Country French Table Lamps: They have the country french table lamps exactly you’re looking for here at Country French Table lamps. You can post or read country french table lamps reviews and comments here. (
  7. Country French Lamps at Nextag: A site that compiles a list of Country French Lamps available for online sale. Compare these products’ descriptions, and prices here. (
  8. The French House: View Hector Lamps here at The French House. They offer a wide range of french Lamps and others including Outdoor Lighting, Copper Lighting, Brass Lighting, Glass lighting, Nickel Lighting, Ceramic lighting, Zinc lighting, and a lot more. (
  9. Tables lamps and Candelabras at Homes Direct 365: Homes Direct 365 are a French furniture and French Lighting website. Buy French table lamps and French candelabras at Homes Direct 365 online today. (
  10. Mission Tiffany Bronze Floor Lamp at Amazon: Buy this elegant French Lamp here at Amazon. As of last visit, it is priced at $279. Order now and processing will take an additional 2 to 3 days for orders from this seller. (

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