This list contains the top deals I've found for Russian Lamps. We have also written about English Lamps, German Lamps and French Lamps.
-- Kenneth

Russian Lamps

  1. Russian Lamps and light Fixtures at Amazon: Dozens of Russian Light Switch covers, Chandeliers, and lamps here at Amazon. Cheap Russian lamps and fixtures that blends well with your Russian-inspired Home. (
  2. Russia lamps at TradeKey: An online suppliers and exporters as well of Russia Lamps for wholesalers. They also sell and export other Russia items like  clothes, crude oil, instruments, iron, and a lot more. (
  3. Moscow Zodiac Street Lamps: English Russia offers a gallery of unique, hand-crafted street lamps that represent the 12 zodiac signs, find out more here. (
  4. Lamp of Bulbs: A photo taken and published by English Russia, they posts things that are only be found at Russia. A creative representation of a Cube lamp, with lots of incandescent bulbs inside. (
  5. Russian Lamps at YaSas: Find Russian Lamps here at YaSas, the Ethnic Store of ebay. Just click the appropriate links of the items to view their product and shipping details. (
  6. Russian lamps at Flickr: A simple, yet creative way of capturing  a image of a vintage Russian lamp. Register now at Flickr and posts some comments and even add this to your favorites. (
  7. Russian Federation Lamps at Alibaba: View these environment-friendly russian lamps, and bulbs here at Alibaba, just contact their company now to order for yourself. (
  8. Russian Collection Lamp: View this Handmade Crystal Russian Lamp here at is part of the Russian Egg Collection Fragrance lamp for 2010. (

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