This list contains the top deals I've found for English Lamps. We have also written about German Lamps, Russian Lamps and English Bulldogs.
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English Lamps

  1. The Original Stiffkey Lampshop: This is the English Lamp Company which is  Specialising in restored antique lamp fittings, faithful copies of period lamps, glass lampshades, ceramic switches, low-voltage, and candle garden lightings and more.View their new English Reproductions Lamps here and much more. (
  2. Lamp Store: An online store for Cheap English lamps, library lamps, Masculine Lamps and Tables. These lamps are perfect for your bedroom, side table, desk, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and more. Buy them here now. (
  3. Antique Lamps for the English Look: An article for English Lamp lovers out there. View their reviews on these lamps, on how these lamps and style to your interior and exterior designs. (
  4. The English lamp Company: They offer you an extensive range of hand-crafted reproduction lamps in classic including Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau styles to complement period interiors. Also check out their own Wall lamps and hanging lamps with cut glass, prismatic and opal shades, desk lamps and standard lamps, library and student lamps, outdoor and hallway lanterns, picture lights, electric and candle sconces. (
  5. Antique Lamp Shop: They offer their very own English Collections of English Lamps. Inquire now and know the product information, even the price tag. (
  6. Antique Lamps for the English Look at ArticleBase: Another article on English Lamps, they tackle topics regarding the use of English lamps in adding style to your interior designs. Read it there. (
  7. Lamps at Wikipedia: Wikipedia offers a complete list of lamps including their history, their usage, historical part to some important events, and much more. (
  8. Antique Furniture Care: Show Antique Furniture Care your efforts on taking good care of your antique furniture that are worth more than couple thousand to millions of dollars. Read these site’s articles for tips on how to restore your Precious English lamps. (

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