Is It Worth It?

The town where I now live in has a history of social unrest. At the moment the roads in and out are all blocked by buses and taxis because the drivers want to increase the fares by the equivalent of about 10 cents of a US dollar. Is it really worth the hassle which this causes honest, law abiding citizens who just want to make a trip to the supermarket to buy some cheese? If not then would be worth protesting about?

For a start, I think that access to cheap furniture stores is a basic human right. When I lived in the UK I took the availability of self assembly wardrobes and stero units for granted. Now I have to pay a lot more for stuff which a craftsman has spent hours shaping and varnishing. It might sound good but it is a lot more expensive.

The taxi drivers would be better off asking for the local authorities to install a free portable ice maker in their vehicles. I would be only too happy to pay a few more cents if I could slip an ice cube down my shirt in the middle of summer. The drivers here don’t seem to have grasped the concept of air conditioning and always rolll down the windows while putting on the air up full, which just doesn’t work at all.

While we are also on the subject of local taxi drivers, I wouldn’t mind them all being forced to install a retro car stereo which played decent music from yesteryear. I am fed up with reggaeton and cumbia on every single journey. I would gladly block the city’s road if I thought that I could hear a bit of Neil Young or Jose Luis Perales in the taxis from now on.

Now I think about it, I have never seen a taxi here with a sunroof. Is the fight for sunroof installation worth the hassle? I am not really sure what the benefits of these contraptions are but if the fight to get them leads me to sitting on a picket line singing militant songs all day long then I am happy to find out.

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