This list contains the top deals I've found for Electric Motors. We have also written about Used Boat Motors, Electric Heaters and Electric Dog Fence.
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Electric Motors

  1. Surplus Record: Shop for used Electric and Power motors here at Surplus Directory. Also available, check out their list of Boilers, Circuit Breakers, Controls, Engines, Gear Reducers, Generators, Motors, Switches, Transformers, Turbines, and much more. (
  2. China Electric Motor: Electric Motors and more electric components brought to us by Guang Dong M&C Power Co. Ltd. View all their range of products here. (
  3. Electric Motor at Wikipedia: This device converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Know its history and development here. Also check out their types, the DC and AC motors and other cool stuffs. (
  4. How Electric Motors Work at How Stuff Works: Take a look at How Stuff Work’s article on Electric Motors. Check out what is inside of a typical Electric Motor, view all its motor parts, and check out all their existing types, and their present uses. (
  5. Pysclips: Check out Physclips Electric Motor and Generator Films and Animations here. Teach Physics and use these catchy and informative animations of the Electric Motor as well as the Generator. Check out their explanations here. (
  6. Leeson: LEESON Electric is the world’s most customer-focused motor, gearmotor and drives company, has expanded our product offering with the addition of the Lincoln Motors, Grove Gear and Electra-Gear products. Check out all their electric devices here. (
  7. Electric Motor Warehouse: This is your complete online shop for Electric Motors. Get discounts here and avail for these top quality devices here. (
  8. Electric Motors: This is your ultimate Electric Motor Supplier. Check out their inventory here. Check out their Electric Motors 101, and read all their Electric Motors Articles here. (
  9. Surplus Center: This is your Electric Motor resources. Check out their motors here, including their AC, DC, Gear Motors, Blowers, Relays, and Switches. Also check out their Transformers, Chargers, Lights, and other miscellaneous items. (
  10. Electric has been your electric motor discount super store.   They offer the best value anywhere on high quality, energy efficient electric motors and related equipment. Check them all here. (

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