This list contains the top deals I've found for Electron Microscope Images. We have also written about Antique Microscope, Acrylic Nail Designs and Chevy Express Van.
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Electron Microscope Images

  1. Micro Angela: Be familiar and see unexpected views of the microscopic worls here at Micro Angela. View their gallery of images of Insects, Cells, Neurons, Bacterias, Pollens and more. (
  2. SEM Image Gallery: Thousands of Microscopic Images here at SEM Image Gallery. Check out their images including Weevil, Cat Flea, Deer tick, Mosquito, House Fly, Worms, Diatom, Fern Leaf, Dentist Drill, Porcupine Quill, and a lot more. (
  3. Dennis Kunkel Microscopy Inc.: Enjoy their scientific stock photography library of light microscope pictures and electron microscopy images featuring science and biomedical microscopy photos. Browse their category here. (
  4. The Telegraph: Image gallery of these Creepy Crawlies caught from his Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures of Insects and Spiders. View more “Micro Monsters” here. (
  5. Molecular Expressions: Check out Molecular Expressions for their photo galleries that explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy. Take a look at their latest Additions to their Galleries here. (
  6. Wikimedia Commons: Electron Microscope Images here at Wikimedia Commons. View their image files including Cow Bone Marrow, E Coli, Pollen, Hair Strand, Fungus, Termites and a lot more. (
  7. Electron Microscope Unit Snow Page: Microscopic Images of Snow Flakes here. Check out their Snow Crystals Images here. Sort according to Snow Crystal Classification and Snow Pits Sites here. (
  8. Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility: A variety of images from the scanning and transmission electron microscopes are available for viewing via the links on this page. Check out their Image Series including Algae SEM, Bacteria SEM, Botanical SEM, Bugs SEM, Mammalian SEM, Human SEM, Marine SEM, Marine Invertebrates SEM, and Earth Science SEM. (
  9. Electron Microscope Images at Wikipedia: Check out Wikipedia’s list of electron Microscope Images here. View their Atom Pictures here. (
  10. Microscopy – Image Galleries: Alphabetical list of Microscopic Images here. View their gallery of Algae, Cells, marrow, Electron, BActerias, Viruses, Termites, Invertebrates, and more. (

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