This list contains the top deals I've found for Antique Microscope. We have also written about Electron Microscope Images, Antique Furniture and Antique Hand Drills.
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Antique Microscope

  1. NY Scopes: Buy Antique and Vintage Microscopes here. Most of their microscopes here still have their original parts and at good condition. They describe them as accurate as possible and even took reference from the “Billing Microscope Collection”, Second Edition. View them here. (
  2. Stanley London: Stanley London is a brass antique enthusiast st reproducing optical instruments made from solid brass tubes.They have a huge listings for Handheld Telescopes, Desk & floor Standing Telescope, Binoculars and Microscopes. (
  3. Antique Brass Microscope Wanted: He buys antique brass microscopes and all kinds of early microscope accessories like lenses, parts, microscope oil lamps, prepared slides, slide preparation equipment, and slide cabinets. Other than Microscopes for his collection, he also buys related books and articles that are related to such. (
  4. I Buy Antique Microscopes: As a 3 decade collector of these microscopes, he still always want more to add them to his precious collection. Here, you can see some photos of his collection from 18th to 20th century microscopes. (
  5. Ars Machina: Ars Machina offers antique microscopes and telescopes for sale and display in addition to other fine scientific instruments. View their gallery, their featured microscopes, and all their microscopes for sale. (
  6. ArsMachina offers antique Scientific Instruments and Collectibles. They Sell Microscopes, Globes and Maps, Telescopes, Compasses and Sundials, and Fine-Arts related sciences. (
  7. Antique Microscopes at Ebay: AS of last visit, 238 results found for Antique Microscope here at Ebay. View their top-rated items, their prices, and so you can compare them. For easy seraching, select a category like Antiques ans Collectibles. (
  8. The Germany: Consignment Collection of Antique Microscopes here. View their list of Antique American, English Compound, French Compound, and German Compound Microscopes. Also view their Simple Microscopes and Magnifiers, and Antique microscope Accessories. (
  9. Antique Microscopes: A useful article about the Microscopes’ origins, The place where to buy them now, Simple tips like how to identify antique microscopes and The fun of collecting them. (

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