This list contains the top deals I've found for Antique Furniture. We have also written about Antique Microscope, Antique Hand Drills and Antique Book Appraisers.
-- Kenneth

Antique Furniture

  1. Selling Antiques: Search for Antiques or Enter an Item Number here at Selling Antiques. Vintage Furniture including Cabinets, Chests, Dividers and more all for online sale here at Selling Antiques. View their entire list here. (
  2. Go Antiques: Thousands of One of a Kind Antique Furniture here at GO Antiques. View the name, Year, Price, Description and ratings of all their items here. (
  3. Antique Furniture at Ebay: Antique Furniture at Online Auctions here at Eaby. Shop according to type, Style, Condition, Price range, Region of Origin, Age, Seller, Distance, and Location. (
  4. Old Plank Road: Antique Furniture for sale here at the Old Plank. View their entire Collection of These Vintage piece of Art. Also, check out their New Arrivals, Their Coming Soon, and Featured Items. Login now to frequently receive Newsletters. (
  5. Jeffrey Marie Inc.: Buy and Sell Antiques here. Browse their Antique Inventory according to category including Architectural, Art/Sculpture, Decorations, Furniture, Garden, and Lighting. Cintact them here for more information. (
  6. Inessa Stewarts: Check out Inessa Stewart’s Biggest Sale Ever on their Antique Furniture. View their Antique Categories, and Shop according to Price range. (
  7. Patrick Sandberg Antiques: Take a look at their Finest English Furniture and Works of Art here. View their Antique Furniturelist here. Also, view their New Arrivals, and their Featured Items here. (
  8. Carrocel Restorations: They offers sales and Restoration on Antiques and Fine Furniture here. View their online Showroom, Products and Services offered here. (

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