This list contains the top deals I've found for Lexus SUV. We have also written about Lexus GX, Luxury SUV and 8 Passenger SUV.
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Lexus SUV

  1. Lexus RX: Get information on this five-passenger Lexus SUV, including pricing and options, it’s performance and other specifications, plus see interior and exterior pictures, and more. (
  2. Lexus SUVs at They have lots of information about the current Lexus SUVs in terms of prices, photos, specs, rebates, incentives, and insightful impressions that are readily available. (
  3. EBay: Over 200 new and used Lexus SUVs available here that are up for auction or immediate sale, including GX, LX and RX models. (
  4. Lexus GX: This Lexus GX is a Lexus mid-size SUV with a seven-seating capacity. Learn more about its pricing, performance and specs, see pics, learn how to order, etc. (
  5. Lexus LX: Get info on this Lexus model, the largest version Lexus SUV that offers third row seating to accommodate up to 8 people. Get photos, specs, etc. (
  6. Lexus Trader: Register here for free and receive a free standard listing to sell your Lexus SUV. (
  7. Used Lexus SUVs: Motor Trend’s auto classifieds give you the ability to search using multiple options, compare pre-owned vehicles and more to find the perfect used car at a price you can afford. Make a selection to view used Lexus SUVs for sale in your area. (

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