How Many Wishes?

If you ever came across a dusty lamp and rubbed it would you hope to see a genie come out of it? Having three wishes to make seems like a very dangerous game to me so I am going to keep it fairly modest here I think.

Ok, the first thing I think I’ll ask for is some road marking paint. Weren’t expecting that Mr Genie, were you? The thing is, I learned to drive in the UK where everything is tightly controlled and there are markings and signals for everything. Now that I drive in South America I am amazed to see a traffic free for all with no markings and no control. There is a roundabout near my house and I swear that I am the only person who actually goes round it. Everyone else just bumps over it but I keep going round it just to annoy them. I even put on my indicator lights at the same time and everyone wonders why my car has strange blinking lights on the side of it.

I might ask for a supply of winters dogs christmas postcards. I have never seen such cards before and I like the sound of them. Sending Christmas cards is a bit of a dying art these days though, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll send everyone an email or an SMS this year instead. Is it too late and has the genie already deposited a pile of these cards on my table? Ah well.

How cool would it be to have my very own hot dog cart. Unless it is medically possible to overdose on mustard I just can’t see a downside to this.

Finally, if he would allow me an unprecedented fourth wish I would just ask for me some Life is good t-shirts. After all, I have my marked roads, my doggie Christmas cards and all the hot dogs I can munch on. What more could I possibly ask for?


User Suggestions (2)

  1. Deborah wrote:

    I love hot dogs too!!

    Posted 30 Nov 2011 at 9:42 am
  2. Kelly wrote:

    hhhhh:D Yes!!I’ve never seen the hot dog carts!!!So fun!!

    Posted 27 Dec 2011 at 9:31 am
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