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Patio Awnings

You might not have anticipated it, or it maybe a case of construction flaw,  that sunlight has penetrated the inside of your house or any space where you intend to spend that much needed relaxation. Worry no more, you still can do something to remedy the problem. Patio awning is the solution as construction of yet another room may cost you that much. It works just the same, which is to act as a sunlight blocker or heat controller. Your use of the air conditioning can be lowered to a great extent, hence, it saves energy. Varied choices can be found online for you to search on.

  1. – From the site you can browse and choose from over two dozen styles of retractable awnings and patio covers. They have freestanding canopies to compact domes for either commercial awnings or for residential. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes for you to be able to find that awning which is a match for the location where it is intended for. No one can match their selection or quality because they assemble its retractable awnings from components made by the finest European manufacturers. (
  2. Sunsetter Awnings – Compared to other shade device, awnings from Sunsetter makes your outdoor room 20% cooler. The site gives you a glimpse of their motorized awnings that are electric-powered transforming your deck or patio into a beautiful outdoor room. By a single touch of a remote control, this beautiful outdoor room is where you can spend time leisurely with awnings that open and close smoothly, quietly and effortlessly. It’s all your choice, the sun or otherwise. This is your opportunity to own an awning where beauty, features, protection or simple or reliable operation can’t be put aside because their awnings are at par with others in terms of quality and value. (
  3. – If you are inclined to go for a  DIY patio project, you can find the necessary and helpful resources in the  site . They have information to help you understand exactly what you’re purchasing and how to make sure that what they offer will work for you. Their DIY Resources includes patio comparison, installation, attachment option, tools required, permit information and engineering. (
  4. – The site can be misleading but in truth these DIY awnings that they sell for reasonable prices are of good quality with free ground shipping. You can custom order your awning or canopy from the available line of fabric awning colors and available sizes. They have for sale retractable awnings that are long lasting from which you can expect maximum protection from the sun for your patio and lounging areas. Just do some clicks, and it will give you the anticipated pricing for the awning of your choice which is water repellent and won’t fade easily. (
  5. West Coast Awning Inc. – The site has an amazing gallery of awning photos stored in the best showroom of awnings in Southern California. After browsing you will get to know what you want. You would be thankful that their shipment is all through out the US. With products guaranteed to be of excellent quality, their pricing is within reasonable limits. (
  6. ShadeTree – You find a great buddy in this site which helps you in engaging the practical way to protect your  your deck or patio from the sun. Their awnings substantiate not just aesthetically but more on the thought that you can spend time outside longer not minding the sun. The many unique benefits that these awnings give you aside from giving protection from the sun makes the site appealing, artistically and functionally. For a good start you can view their photo gallery for ideas and then listen to the video to know how the awnings work. (
  7. DIY Retractable Awnings – You can actually purchase a quality custom made retractable awning that you can install yourself. For your source of shading solutions, this site is the wisest option. There is no limit on the kind of surfaces which you can mount their retractable awnings. Practically on any wall or roof, your outdoor enjoyment will not be diminished just because of the presence of annoying sun.(
  8. The Home Depot – After researching for patio project ideas, you will come to appreciate this site being a systematic catalog showing awnings of different types. You browse on these pictures and you select that which suits the style you want, or the one that fits your needs. (
  9. ScreenHousesUnlimited – Anticipating needs for awnings of a variety of shapes and sizes, their unique and affordable awnings are made in line with this need using the highest quality materials available today. They also have motorized sun shade retractable awnings in four distinct qualities which suit all budgets and can be easily operated manually by all members of the family. (
  10. – They sell online Swiss retractable awnings, canopies, sun shades, patio, door awnings, porch awnings, window, canvas, and commercial awnings and pergolas for the DIY inclined. Fit for homes and commercial establishments, they have manufactured and installed thousands of retractable awnings over the last 25 years. You will learn from this site the best attributes a quality retractable awning must have to be reliable, trouble free, and look great for years to come on your home. One great news is that you can have your awning at factory-direct price. (

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  1. Sandy Price wrote:

    PYC Awnings custom makes awnings to order in their manufacturing facilities in St. Michaels, Maryland. They also provide services such as cleaning and sealing your awnings, repairing any existing awnings you may have and can custom make any existing awning covers you may need replaced. Their replacement fabric for awnings can be ordered online for your retractable, window, door, patio and porch awnings. They also have one of the best warranties and offer a satisfaction guarantee.

    Posted 30 Nov 2011 at 4:36 am
  2. Sandy Price wrote:

    We have some exclusive designs, have been in business over 25 years, have an A+ BBB rating and we manufacture our own products.

    Please list us on your site.Thanks!

    Posted 25 Mar 2013 at 2:39 pm
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