If I Were a Fairly Rich Man

I don’t ask for much and would be just as happy with a small boat as a giant yacht or with a nice house instead of a giant mansion. However, what if money was no object and I could have whatever I wanted? Would the cash go to my head? Hmm, let’s look and see.

Where I live there aren’t really any shopping malls as such, so I could get on my jet and travel to the largest shopping mall in the world and buy loads of stuff. Apparently the two biggest ones around are in China. There is only problem with this idea though; I hate shopping centres with a passion. Maybe I’ll send my butler to China to pick up a few things for me.

There is nothing like a giant slap up feast to help you show off your cash, so I need to get hold a few banquet table cloths, not to mention the banquet tables, the banquet hall, the food and well everything else really.

My wife might be interested in getting me to look at some diamond dealers. I bought her some hippy earrings in Mallorca which cost a euro each so maybe she thinks that it is time to splash the cash on her accessories. My knowledge of precious stones is a little bit weak so I’ll walk in somewhere like Tiffany’s and ask for their most expensive item. Or maybe I’ll send the butler again; he needs to earn his wages somehow, just like the rest of the commoners.

Why would I need to bother with a  pamper me day spa if I could have my own private staff on call all day? Do you think that it is possible to get fed up with too much luxury? Not blooming likely I would think. Bring on the massages, the seaweed body wraps and the sauna I say.

I think I mentioned in another post that I have had some trouble driving in my new home town. It might be a wise investment to look at some chauffeur services. I wonder what Michael Schumacher is up to these days?

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