Inventions Which Wouldn’t Change the World

We all know about the inventions which changed the world. After all, where would be without the computer, the steam engine, the fridge, electricity, the phone and thermal socks? These were created by geniuses who saw what humanity needed in order to advance and went ahead and created something which other people simply hadn’t dreamed about yet and which are now common place.

However, what about those other inventions? You know, the ones that wouldn’t change the world.

For a start, we could invent some new form of curtain rods, couldn’t we? Sure, the ones we use just now do their basic job of holding up curtains but I want more. We could make them illuminated, we could put fish inside them or we could hang monkeys off them. There are so many possibilities with curtain rods that it seems a shame not to explore them all.

The world already has plenty of water tanks but as far as I know it has no cheese tanks at all. Not one. This wonderful new invention would allow peckish householders and super intelligent mice to store lots of cheese in a liquid form and then access it through a special tap on their showers. Cheese showering is great for your skin (possibly) and would help keep you full up as you showered. In the same way, I was thinking of adding a fruit juice tap to my bed and a pizza delivery hatch to my car.

What about motorcycle trailers I know that they have been invented already but I was thinking of making them more exciting by taking out the floor and letting the passengers run along like Fred Flintstone. Not everyone likes to sit down and get carted about everywhere and this would give them a great bit of exercise.

Does the left handed toilet paper holder even exist? It certainly should and with a bit of luck it soon will. You don’t need to thank me for it yet.

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