Keep the Kid Happy

My little girl is at that stage in her life in which she destroys everything she touches, messes up the house in a way which hurricanes and tornadoes can only dream of and generally leaves us feeling frazzled by the end of the day. The good news is that I have been told that it is just a phase. The bad news is that it lasts about 10 years. So what can I do to keep her happy and out of harm’s way?

What she really wants is a bounce house, and who can blame her; I want one too. Can you imagine eating your dinner in here or lying down for a mid afternoon snooze in it? It would be blooming brilliant. I suppose I would need to let her jump about on it for a few hours to burn off some energy before I had my snack and then a nap in it. No one can say I am a selfish parent.

Maybe I could get her into religion. Is it still popular to send troublesome girls off to study in a convent? She is only two years old but maybe the nuns have got a nursery section where the toddlers play with squishy religious toys. There are a few different houses around here with a Virgin Mary statue in the garden (this is Latin America, after all) so I might plonk here in front of one soon and see if she seems to be drawn towards the religious life.

Maybe if I bought her some camo baby clothes I could relax more while she was playing in the garden.  I mean, if I couldn’t see her I wouldn’t get go stressed about the crazy things she was doing. I would just see a little trail of broken things on the grass as though some sort of evil, invisible spirit was wreaking havoc there.

Actually, maybe all I need to do is find some game room ideas we can enjoy together. I like to play and to break things as much as she does, so let’s see who gets fed up of it first. It won’t be me.

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