Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

Wouldn’t you like to soar into the heavens like a bird and then glide over some warm currents before popping home for some tea? of course you would. What the world needs, in my humble opinion, is an easy and cheap flying machine which we can all use. No more traffic jams on the streets for us. No, the traffic jams will all be up in the air now, so at least we’ll get a nice view while we are in gridlock mode.

There’s a kid’s film which comes on the telly when I am almost sleeping a lot of the time. I have no idea what it is called but I think it is Spanish and involves an old man and a boy floating about in a house with balloons tied to it. What is it all about and did I just dream about it repeatedly or does it really exist? I have always wanted a mobile home but I never know flying in it was an option.

Flying hair salons would be useful too. With all that wind in my hair I am going to look rather windswept and messy. Can you imagine watching your shorn locks spiral down to Earth from a great height? It would save them hiring a pimply youth with a bad attitude to sweep the floor and look moody as well.

Life would be a lot easier for seed distributors if they could fly too.They could just open their briefcases or bags and let the seeds gently flutter down to Earth. Of course, they would need to fly at a lower altitude to the hair salons, as you wouldn’t want strawberry seeds landing in your scalp and starting to sprout. That happened to my uncle once and it wasn’t pretty.

What will we make these flying machines out of? I say we get a luxury SUV and stick a couple of wings on it. You might think that it won’t fly but they said that about the bumble bee and look how that turned out.

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